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The DEI Lie

Are there any schools left without a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Director? As of January, 2022, public K-12 schools had already spent $21M on DEI programs since George Floyd’s death, and that’s not counting the ongoing salary commitments they’ve made to those DEI Director positions.

But what are they paying for? What should taxpayers, parents, students, and even teachers, expect from these programs, and the people in this role? Considering the massive amount of money being spent, you’d think we’d have seen evidence by now, that George Floyd’s killing was at least correlated to a nationwide problem in K12 schools. I’ve searched high and low for that evidence though, and have yet to find it.

Dear Leftists

This article is based on a Twitter thread I wrote in response to the Media Matters cancel-mob that canceled James Lindsay from Twitter. It turned out to be one of the most popular threads I’ve ever composed because it struck a chord with many who are sick and tired of the double standards and what James calls the “Iron Law of Woke Projection.”

I’m sick of it too, but I wrote this to call them out more as a reminder to the rest of us that we are the courageous ones. We aren’t afraid to be free, and to allow others to be free right along with us, even if they don’t always agree with us.


Devaluing the Family

Lately, I’ve been seeing so-called “influencers” and “educators” promoting a new narrative to combat the momentum of parental rights advocacy groups, like Parents Defending Education, Moms for Liberty, No Left Turn in Education, and others: “The parents’ rights movement is about parents treating their children like property.”

Well I’m here to tell you to beware this type of devaluation of familial bonds; the goal is the erasure of “parents,” and the creation of breeders and “communal childrearing.” The new code benign, even beneficial-sounding terms: “Whole Child” education, “Transformative SEL,” and the “Community School Model.”

School Choice Skepticism

Supporting School Choice seems like a no-brainer. Parents get to choose where to spend their child’s education funding, and public schools get some much needed competition, right? Maybe, maybe not. It depends how they’re funded.

“School Choice” advocates often use the term “education dollars” to describe what should “fund students, not systems.” Why are they called “education dollars?” Because that’s what the government calls them, otherwise they would just call them “Your money.”



"Innocence is Overrated"

“Hello friends!”

When you read those words, imagine hearing them in a sweet, feminine, sing-song voice, the kind you’d associate with a kindergarten teacher, or elementary school librarian. Now picture yourself at six years-old, the age of most kindergarten students. What does your six-year-old self imagine comes next, in that lilting tone?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it’s not that your skin color is the most important thing about you, that being white is a “bad deal” ….