Values & Guiding Principles

The Reason We Learn Community is a mission-driven space. We aim to preseve, protect, and defend liberty and enlightenment values in general, not just in education. We are dedicated to the following values and guiding principles, and in the interest of full disclosure, we are asking that you read them before subscribing to make sure you are comfortable with them. 


  • Individual Liberty
  • Empiricism
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Association
  • Equality Under the Law

Guiding Principles:

  • There can be no empathy and compassion in a society that values group identity above individual inalienable rights and autonomy.
  • Voluntary mutual exchage is the only moral system of exchange.
  • Charity must be voluntary.
  • Individuals have an inalienable right to self-defense from unprovoked aggression, this includes the right to legally defend themsevles against defamation and fraud.
  • Postmodern deconstruction and nihilism are dangerous, anti-human, morally & ethically bankrupt ideas.
  • Individualism is not synonymous with narcissism.
  • Rational self-interest is, by definition, personally and socially responsible and “just.”
  • There can be no justice without individual liberty.
  • Natural rights are inalienable; one cannot have a right to the labor or property of others.
  • Privileges are earned or are granted.
  • Education and “schooling” are not the same thing.
  • Education liberty is the inalienable right to pursue knowledge unencumbered by force or arbitrary obstacles.
  • Compulsory government schooling is by its very nature a conflict of interest, and a violation of individual rights.
  • Science is a discipline, not a dogma.
  • Ideological purity is antithetical to the pursuit of knowledge and truth.
  • Reality is not subjective.
  • Racial essentialism is racist.
  • Children are never “born in the wrong body.” Sex is not “assigned,” it is observed.
  • Children are not miniature adults, and adults should never use them to realize adult goals, or burden them with adult worries or problems.
  • Education should not be political, despite being necessary for individuals to protect their individual rights through political processes.
  • There is no such thing as “social justice.” There is justice, and there is injustice, and every infringement on individual liberty is an “injustice.”
  • Terms like “collective-knowledge” and “collective justice” are oxymorons.
  • Individual liberty is the only path to true “diversity,” “justice,” and “inclusion” in any society.
  • Equity requires inequality to achieve, and is antithetical to individual liberty.
  • Equality under the law is the goal of a free society.