Self-Promotion Policy

1. Only use the self-promotion forum to sell directly to the membership.

If you have a promotion or advertisement, or outbound links to your content or offerings, post it there. 
Do NOT solicit members within in lieu of a comment. If you are commenting in some other way, substantively, and want to refer the member to your signature or post in the self-promotion forum, that’s fine, but do not make the entire comment a referral. Such comments will be considered spam, and will be removed.

EXCEPTION: you may include your website or description of your business or offering in your user profile, and/or signature. 

2. You Are On Your Own.

Whether you are selling your own products or services, or purchasing from others, you are engaging in a private transaction using whatever means you deem appropriate. The Reason We Learn neither warrants nor guarantees the work of its members, nor offers refunds for purchases made from or through members’ private businesses. Whether you make your arrangements here in the forums, or privately elsewhere, any and all transactions are private.

That said, please let the administrator know as soon as possible if you enter into a dispute with a member/vendor, and keep us informed ongoing until it is resolved. We may want to investigate the. matter ourselves to make a determination as to whether the member should lose their access to the forums as a result of the dispute. 

We will offer vendor members the same courtesy. If you enter into a dispute with a member/customer or client, please keep us posted and notify us as to its resolution. 

We hope all members can work out differences privately, but we want to know if there are members who are exploiting the forum in bad faith for either side of transactional relationships.

3. Consider Sponsorship Instead

If you want your products or services promoted to this audience, consider becoming a sponsor of The Reason We Learn YouTube channel and Podcast. We can customize a contract for you to include promotions and information about your products and services in the show. If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact the Administrator here:
Include: Sponsorship opportunity in the subject line, contact information, and details about the product or offer, as well as sponsorship budget. 
We will respond within 48 hours.