Rules of Engagement

The Reason We Learn is a privately owned site and community, but it is also part of a very public medium—the Internet.

Our goal is not to police your thoughts or behavior, and we respect that your participation is voluntary, however we have an obligation to protect the interests of the owners and other members, and the mission and goals of the site and community as a whole.

We have established the following rules of conduct for all members. If you find you cannot adhere to these rules, it is probably best that you not become, or remain a member of The Reason We Learn Community:

For detailed explanations, scroll down. 

1. What’s published here stays here.
2. No cross-talk.
3. Don’t feed trolls.
4. TRWL is PG.

5. Cover your privates.

As a member, you must be mindful that everything you put out into this medium under your name has the potential to cause damage to the owners of this site, other members. their families, and especially their children. 

We may be behind a paywall, The Reason We Learn commits to doing everything possible to safeguard your contributions, but technology being what it is, you are your own first line of defense. 

In general, we hope to make the pursuit of education liberty as dispassionate and unemotional an endeavor as possible. It’s in the name: the REASON we learn is to have the intellectual and emotional skills needed to use REASON when interacting with others, whether in real life, or in cyberspace. 

We all have very strong opinions about the issues we are discussing here, but we need to remember the purpose of this forum is to express them in ways that serve our goal protecting our children, and preserving liberty. Whether on this site, in the body of your own posts, or comments, or elsewhere online, in social media, you should do your best not to take disagreement or debate personally.

You have a right to freedom of speech, and you are contributing financially to the existence and upkeep of this site, but it is a privilege to be a member insofar as refusal or inability to adhere to the rules below could mean suspension of your membership, and there are no refunds for suspended accounts.

1. What’s Published Here Stays Here:

All content created and published on this site becomes the property of The Reason We Learn. If you choose to voluntarily terminate your association with, the management reserves the right to either delete or keep the content you created while a member. 

All content created and published on this site may only be published elsewhere by its original creator. Under no circumstances may you copy/paste, screen-capture, or otherwise reproduce content you find here anywhere else. This is both a copyright and privacy violation, and your failure to respect the boundaries of this site and forum will result in your immediate expulsion from the community, and possible subsequent legal action. Consider content here like food in the office refrigerator: you know what you brought, and what you didn’t. Don’t take what isn’t yours to take.

You may ask permission from the content creator to copy the content, but you must get that permission in writing for your own protection, and you must remove any and all identifying markers from the content tying it back to The Reason We Learn brand. 


Please DO share *links* to interesting content here for the purposes of encouraging prospective members to join the community, you are just prohibited from sharing the hidden content beneath the link.

You may share outbound links, and content shared here that exists in the public domain, provided you share it from its original source, not as a screen capture from here.

2. No Cross-Talk:

From time to time, you may find yourself in disagreement with something written here by another member, or with something another member puts out elsewhere online, in social media for example. You may not engage in public disputes with those members referencing this site, or their contributions, or any other person associated with The Reason We Learn. If you must address the issue, do it privately using direct messaging or email, and communicate only with that person. If you cannot resolve your differences, or find that you cannot be associated with a site where that person is a member, then it is up to you to sever your relationship with the site and community and move on.

Under no circumstances may you use the occasion of your separation from the site as an opportunity to publicly attack the owners, admins or other members of this site. If you choose to do this, you will be held legally accountable for any damages incurred as a result of your conduct.

3. Don’t Feed Trolls:

Even though we are a private community, we are discussing and interacting with controversial topics. The Reason We Learn champions freedom of speech and association, but also parental rights, and chances are, you will encounter parents whose pursuit of education liberty looks very different than your own. As long as they are not infringing on your rights, you should evaluate whether you are interacting to be helpful, or to judge. That said, people may still disagree with you, some vocally and vehemently, and the administrators of this site cannot and will not intervene.

Try ignoring negative commentary, but if you cannot, follow this rule of thumb: Respond one time, restate your original point, or clarify it, perhaps answering a question posed, then move on. If that person keeps coming back, tweaking you and trying to get a rise out of you by upping the ante on their insults, simply make one more post saying you will not engage, and mean it. Move on.

Even respectful commenters can get long-winded. It’s fine to have a short conversation about a topic, but try to move on within two or three comments. Your energy would be better posting your own topics to seek out more like-minded members than giving that one person your undivided attention.

4. TRWLC is PG

No foul language, with one caveat—if you are quoting someone else, and there’s no other option. Any point is better made without swearing, and to appeal to a broad audience, and maintain credibility as a source of thoughtful, practical commentary, news, and advice, as well as a place where people may conduct peer-to-peer business (as in searching for and hiring tutors, teachers, and coaches) we need to keep our content clean.

5. Cover Your Privates

If you use your private, personal social media accounts here, be careful you keep the private and the public separate. If, for example, you use your accounts for your work, consider setting up separate accounts for interacting with members from this community, or to share links to content here, to avoid potential conflict with co-workers or employers. The Reason We learn will not be held responsible for any negative blowback that results from your participation here.