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Please watch the short video introduction and read the documentation below before joining!

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Values & Guiding Principles

You needn’t agree with everything in our list, but this is a mission driven community, and the more you do agree with the following values and principles, the more likely you are to find the forum useful!

Whether you agree or not, please respect that these are the values and principles of the owners of this space, and presumably most of its members, and conduct yourself accordingly.

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Rules of Engagement

The Reason We Learn is a privately owned site and community, but it is also part of a very public medium—the Internet.

Our goal is not to police your thoughts or behavior, and we respect that your participation is voluntary, however we have an obligation to protect the interests of the owners and other members, and the mission and goals of the site and community as a whole.

We have established the following rules of conduct for all members. If you find you cannot adhere to these rules, it is probably best that you not become, or remain a member of The Reason We Learn Community:

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Self Promotion Policy

Because we value our members’ privacy and security, we must make the following rules for self-promotion in the community.

Whether you are offering products or services that may be of interest to our membership, the rules are identical.


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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority. We only collect the data necessary to to allow your effective interaction with this community. We will never share or sell your information, and will only send you email or notifications with your explicit consent.

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