Choosing how, never mind where, or with whom, you’ll educate your children, is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a parent, but it’s also one of the most difficult.

The process of evaluating your options: applying for a voucher Education Savings Account (where available); applying to private schools; entering a lottery for a charter, or homeschooling, can be daunting! Knowing what questions to ask, documenation to scrutinize, and langauge to look for, requires experience, and sometimes research. I can help with all of that.

If you want someone to help guide you through this stressful process, to give you peace of mind, and identify costs and benefits you may not have considered, I can help!

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School Choice
School Search
Curriculum & Staff Evaluation & Background Check
Application Assistance and Test Prep

Research and Community Development Assistance
Student Assessment & Grade Level Placement Recommendations
Curriculum Search, Review & Recommendation
Accountability Coaching (Parents and Students)
Private Tutoring and Course Design



Available in multiples of two hours of my time to use across any combination of the service areas listed, defined in a custom service agreement.
Rate Varies

I will help you identify what would be a better fit for your family and your child, and then conduct a search to find and help your child apply to schools that meet your criteria.


Includes 3 one-hour sessions
Research & Documentation

Best for families starting out fresh with homeschooling.

This package includes an assessment of your family’s lifestyle and goals for education, your child’s temperament and interests, and an evaluation of homeschooling styles you should consider. It includes research into community options in your area, resulting in a list of recommendations that suit your goals, plus research into curriculum options best suited to your style and budget.


Includes 3 one-hour sessions
Research & Documentation

Best for families pulling students out of a school environment.

This package includes everything in the start-up package plus a de-schooling plan for your individual children as well as coaching to help protect you from accidentally trying to recreate school, and I will teach you how to evaluate your child’s progress. I will also research how to help your child catch up, or re-learn things they did not learn well in school.


Includes 4 one hour sessions + Research & Documentation

The first step for all consulting services is a private consultation. During this one-hour session, we get to know each other, discuss your specific goals and overall budget, and choose the level of service best for your needs. The consultation fee will be credited to the cost of any package or services purchased after the consultation.